Entry Doors


Your Front Door Should Be an Inviting Gateway, and an Effective Barrier

Look at your front door. Does it reflect your style, or even the style of your home? Does it seal out hot, humid air as well as it should? Does it insulate you from Florida’s summer heat? Are the frame, lock housing, and door materials impervious to professional thieves, or even debris flying like missiles in a hurricane or tornadic winds?

Chances are that a contractor chose your doors based on his needs, not yours.

The Window Depot offers modern closed-cellular polyfiber entry doors and door frame. Our products resist water, insects and rot; will not warp, splinter, delaminate or corrode; have environmentally-friendly, 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam cores with high R-values and superior thermal and sound-insulating properties; and use extended lockblocks to protect your lock system from intruders.

Choose between:

  • Dozens and dozens and dozens of styles, including arches and radius headers
  • Triple-pane decorative glass, with selectable degrees of glass opacity and obscurity
  • Smooth, woodgrain, rustic, mahogany, fir grain, and true white oak finishes
  • Embossed, primed, or white-capped
  • Colored, metal patina, brass, or bright zinc finish caming strips
  • Backhand, astragal, or sidelite stopper mouldings with plugless and screwless glass frames
  • Impact and fire-rated options

Our doors and frames have been tested to meet or exceed ASTM, TAS, NFRC, STC, NFPA and UL10C standards for static and structural loads, screw-holding capacity, air and water infiltration, and impact and fire resistance.

The Window Depot offers top-quality products from leading manufacturers, including:


To beautify your home and protect your family, schedule your free consultation today.