When should I buy new replacement windows?

Adding new replacement windows to your home can be valuable in many ways. For homeowners looking down the road toward eventually selling their homes, energy efficient windows can be a strong selling point for your realtor and can increase a home’s value. Additionally, there are benefits you’ll enjoy right away, like the savings on your home energy bills from increased window efficiency. Also, your comfort levels will also benefit, from reduced drafts and better overall comfort for everyone in your house. Today’s replacement windows perform better than their older counterparts and enhance the quality of life in the home. They are a great investment both financially and in less tangible ways.

Is vinyl my best choice for new replacement windows?

Vinyl is an excellent choice for replacement windows, especially in Florida. It is strong enough to handle heavy glass without the sashes and frames being too thick, and it is extremely durable. Vinyl windows are also very low maintenance and easy to clean. Plus, they bring the extra benefit of being very affordable. The vinyl we offer in our products is a pure virgin, medical grade, PVC that is guaranteed never to, fade, peel, discolor, crack or yellow. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, which we have plenty of in Florida and don’t want more added to our homes. Wood rots, invites insects, swells and warps which also doesn’t make for a good window in Florida’s harsh environment. These are some of the best reasons to go with a vinyl product that we offer here at The Window Depot.

Will new windows stop condensation?

Today’s replacement windows do a great job of preventing condensation. Manufacturers design windows that maintain a surface temperature above the dew point. These replacement windows block heat transfer through the panes. Windows’ effectiveness at reducing heat transfer is reflected in their U factor (or thermal transmittance). Windows with a higher U factor are more likely to allow condensation. Replacement window with multiple panes, special glazing, and other features have the lowest U factor. New windows that are sealed, in combination with an efficient heating and cooling system, will also promote lower relative humidity inside, which also helps limit condensation.

What makes windows energy efficient?

Energy efficient windows have a number of traits in common with one another. They are, manufactures using quality frame materials that insulate well and prevent heat transfer. The most energy efficient replacement windows are those with argon or krypton between panes, gases which insulate better than air. They have low e coated glass to reflect infrared light and keep heat in the house during the winter. Energy efficient replacement windows have warm edge spacers to keep panes the correct distance apart. These spacers also insulate pane edges and reduce heat transfer and always make sure that the window provides a foam spacer between the pains of glass.

What about drafts? Can new replacement windows stop them?

Drafts are caused by windows that are poorly sealed, inadequately insulated, or improperly installed. Even new replacement windows can be drafty if these areas are not addressed correctly. Window drafts can certainly be caused by the windows themselves simply being poorly built or no longer functioning properly. But even high end, energy efficient replacement window can be drafty if installation is not done with expert care. At The Window Depot we make sure to foam insulate the “dead air space” between the window frame and the homes opening where the window sits. In conjunction with offering some of the most energy efficient window products on the market today, with our proven professional installation, your windows will offer you the comfort and quality you’re looking for!