PGT WinGuard Windows to Help Protect Homes throughout Tampa, FL

PGT WinGuard Tampa FL

PGT WinGuard windows are available at The Window Depot to help protect homes throughout Tampa, Florida. When heavy storms strike, these windows will act as a barrier against flying debris, gale force winds, and torrential rain. PGT WinGuard windows are crafted with a special silicone glazing to help keep the glass from breaking away from the frame, even if it’s impacted by flying debris. The debris may crack the glass, but the strong interlayer of the window will keep the overall window intact, continually protecting the inside of the home from outside elements.

In addition to helping to protect against heavy storms, homeowners in Tampa Bay, Florida, choose The Window Depot to install PGT WinGuard windows on their homes because:

  • The laminated glass absorbs sound rather than transmit it, helping to create a quieter, more relaxed home. In fact, these windows reduce noise infiltration within the home up to 30 percent.
  • The glass filters out 99 percent of UV rays, which aids in reducing sun fading to carpets, furniture, artwork, drapes, and more.
  • The vinyl frames and insulated glass help to keep energy from escaping the home and aid in possibly reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • They beautify homes from the outside in and are available in all the most popular styles.

For additional information on PGT WinGuard windows and the benefits they can provide your home, contact The Window Depot today. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL, and in all surrounding areas.