The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

If you still have wood siding on your home now is a great time to consider replacing it with vinyl. There are many reasons homeowners switch to vinyl siding instead of wood. Some of these reason include better protection, more style choices, cost, and less maintenance.

One benefit of vinyl siding versus wood siding is the fact that it will never be eaten by termites or any other wood destroying organisms. Vinyl relative to other siding materials is pretty resistant to deterioration. Tampa, Pinellas County along with the rest of Central Florida is an especially humid environment coupled with long periods of high precipitation keeping the exterior of your home constantly moist. Wood will eventually swell and begin to rot even if it is sealed, protected and re-protected against the elements.

‘Vinyl siding comes in an array of styles and colors and will most likely come in some type of color that matches or compliments your home. The integrated baked-on paint or stain finishes won’t fade saving you from repainting old siding or the original exterior of your home. All the time and money of painting adds up over the years.

Another reason homeowners prefer vinyl siding is the fact that it costs less than traditional wood siding. Not only is the initial cost of installing the vinyl siding cheaper than wood siding but the cost of maintenance will be cheaper over the long run. You home will look great year after year without you having to break out the ladder and paint over and over.
Vinyl siding is a lot more stress free as you will not have to worry about the many flaws that are inherent with wood siding. As mentioned before, no insects will eat vinyl siding. The weather wont rot, warp or cause vinyl to deteriorate. There isn’t any paint to chip or peel off.

Not all siding is the same. Our products are designed specifically for Florida’s zone 9 and 10 subtropical climates. Premium siding from The Window Depot siding resists rotting, warping, cracking, hurricane-force winds, salt air, and insects. It’s even non-combustible, flame- and melt-resistant, and approved for fire-rated construction.

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