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Choosing your product is just the first step in the process. Please review the following, so you can know what to expect in the coming weeks! And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us at 813-901-5555 with any questions you may have.

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April 19

1. Final Measurement

Shortly after signing your contract, you will be contacted to schedule a final measure visit during which our project manager will be taking the final measurements needed to order your windows/doors. He/She will also be doing a thorough walk through of your property and noting any particular details and factors that may affect the installation process. Should you have any questions during this visit please contact your sales consultant.

April 19

2. Ordering Product / Applying for Permit

Once we have all required measurements & documentation, we will place the order for your products, and apply for the required permit. The time frame to receive your order will vary, depending on the size and complexity of your project.

April 19

3. HOA/Community Approval

Some communities require approval for home improvements. Please make your Sales Consultant aware of any approvals required by your HOA. The homeowner is responsible for obtaining the required HOA approvals. The approved authorization is required to be filed at our office before we place the order for your project.

April 19

4. Historical Districts

The Window Depot will be responsible for submitting a request for home improvement to the ARC. We will not proceed to order product until we have received ARC approval.

In the event that a proposed contract does not meet requirements of the HOA or ARC, an amendment to your contract may be required.

April 19

5. Installation

Once your order has been received in full and inspected for quality, a Representative from The Window Depot will contact you to schedule your installation date.

April 19

6. Unforeseen Circumstances

Should anything out of the ordinary arise during installation, you will be notified immediately. If inclement weather becomes an issue, this can prolong the project. As a general rule, only one window is removed and replaced, at a time. This ensures that your home is not exposed to the elements.

April 19

7. Installation Complete

Upon completion of your installation, we encourage a final walk-through with your Lead Installer. Be sure to verify functionality of all products installed and address any items of concern.

April 19

8. Final Payment

You are responsible to provide payment in full for all outstanding balances according to your contract terms.

April 19

9. Final Inspection

Your Installer will provide you with an Inspection Request Form so that we can coordinate a Final Inspection. If for any reason your project does not pass inspection, please notify our office so that we may take appropriate action. Our Service Technician may return for placement of any plugs, trim, or other items that removed in order to perform the inspection.

April 19

10. Enjoy Your Improvements!

We are confident that you will enjoy the results of your investment for years to come. We hope that we have exceeded your expectations, and look forward to doing business with your neighbors and friends. Ask about our Customer Referral Program!

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