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What are the Types of Entry Doors?

Thinking about buying a new entry door? Overwhelmed by what type you should consider – Aluminum, uPVC Skin Composite, or Fiberglass Skin Composite?

The Window Depot is not only only Tamp Bay’s best source for replacement windows but also entry doors! Read below for a handy guide to understand the differences between they types of entry doors. Any questions, call us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

There are a few types of composite doors available on the market for homeowners to choose from. The three main types of composite doors are metal like steel and aluminum, fiberglass and uPVC. Composite doors are strong, last longer and are better insulated. They require very little maintenance or upkeep. Composite entry doors are available in a range of colors and styles as well to suite the décor of your home or business. Each type of door has it’s own specific benefit depending on the material used in its fabrication and overall workmanship.

Aluminum Skin Composite Door:

These doors are available in a single layer, double layer, or a triple layer. The outer layer is always aluminum and usually smooth in texture. On doors with two or more layers polyurethane foam is used to make up the core. The foam is great for insulating and sound damping properties. On triple layer entry doors you will have an extra layer of galvanized aluminum built into the door.

Aluminum doors tend to be used more in commercial environments like office buildings, dorms, hotels, and some corporate installations. A common style includes an aluminum frame with a glass window in the center. Aluminum doors also cost less that wooden doors. Usually when building a structure that includes a lot of doors such as a school you will see aluminum doors as the choice due to it’s overall value.

uPVC Skin Composite Doors:

Due to the easier maintenance and better durability than a wood door most people prefer a composite door. There are plenty of modern designs available to choose from as well. With the right paint these doors will maintain a long luster in the elements. When the grime and dirt accumulate simply wipe down your door with soap and water to have everything looking new again. These doors also resist nicks, scrapes, bumps, and jabs better than wood doors. Lastly environments that have high humidity or moisture may want to look at a PVC skin door.

UPVC composite doors also resist the weather better than wood doors. Adding a piece of frosted glass will also help let in light during the day while adding an ornamental and decorative characteristic to the door. It’s debatable as to weather the light entering you home can offset the cost of lighting your entry or foyer. Since composite doors are made by machine they are available in many different sizes and moldings. They also can come with different options like knockers, letterboxes, peepholes, and windows.

Fiberglass Skin Composite Doors:

Fiberglass composite doors are also available and provide a bit more rigidity and avoid the expansion and contraction of the summer and winters. Fiberglass doors are constructed using fiberglass and resin and are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The skin is molded from a resin in a liquid form which chemically hardens during the manufacturing process. This allows for a finer grain definition. Fiberglass doors tend to also last a very long time and are very versatile but they are not as sound proof. Speak to your local door and window store representative to find out which door is best for you.

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