What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?If you are in the market for new windows, then there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. You’ll want to know the durability of the window options that you are looking at. After all, the replacement windows you buy must be able to weather the extreme conditions known to Florida. You’ll also want to consider the maintenance requirements for your windows, as you don’t want to be spending all of your free time performing window upkeep. Most importantly, you’ll want to know the energy efficiency of the windows.

Here in Florida, the temperatures can remain in the high 90s, and even reach into the 100s, for many months out of the year. To keep those temperatures out of your home without overworking your HVAC unit and spending hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, you’ll need energy-efficient windows. But, what makes a window energy efficient? Here is what you’ll need to know as you make your investment in replacement windows.

It’s All About The Glass

Selecting windows with the right glass package is key. After all, it is the glass of the windows that makes the biggest impact on the energy efficiency of your home. So, when purchasing replacement windows, consider the elements that make up the glass. First, look at the panes of glass. More panes usually mean better energy efficiency. However, that isn’t always the case. The thickness of the glass can also make a difference.

Next, check to see what type of spacers the windows have. Warm-edge spacers usually help to reduce conductivity, which can lead to better thermal performance. Third, see if there are glass fills between the glass. Argon or krypton gas in between the panes of glass is often most recommended. That’s because these gases work to make it more difficult for heat to transfer through your glass pack.

Finally, the windows you choose should have Low-E glass coatings. This small, metallic layer makes a big difference, as it reduces solar heat gain and provides excellent protection against fading from UV rays. While these parts of the glass make the biggest difference, also consider tempered or laminated panes and tinted or colorless UV coatings.

The Material Is Important Too

While the glass of a window is what mostly contributes to its overall energy efficiency, the material of the frame is also important. Wood and metal window frames conduct and transfer heat, negating some of the energy efficiency of the glass. Vinyl, however, will not transfer that heat, helping to improve the thermal performance of the home. So, make sure to consider vinyl windows when you make your purchase.

Find Energy-Efficient Windows at The Window Depot

Here at The Window Depot, we offer energy-efficient windows that are specially crafted for Florida homes. They feature vinyl frames and specially engineered glass in an array of packages, including some with Low-E coatings and triple panes of glass. See them for yourself at our showroom in Palm Harbor. Or, contact us today to learn more. Our team would be happy to help you customize extraordinary, energy-efficiency replacement windows for your home.

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